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"Lawful Interception (LI) für IP-­basierte Dienste, Standardisierung bei ETSI"
2008_06_25 AG-LI Protokoll
"Ziel der Besprechung ist es, zwischen BMI und den betroffenen Unternehmen ein gemeinsames Verständnis über eine mögliche technische Umsetzung der Überwachung von IP-basierten Diensten bzw. IP-Verkehr zu finden." "Es folgt eine Erläuterung des BMI-Vorschlags zur Überwachung basierend auf fest zugewiesenen IP-Adressen mit Hilfe gesonderter Anlagen (Sniffer) inklusive Diskussion dieses Ansatzes"
2007_06_25,ETSI TC LI lawful intercerption retained data
A powerpoint presentation on "Lawful Interception and Retained Data Handover Interface standardisation" by Peter van der Arend, chairman of the ETSI Technical Committee on "Lawful Interception".
2007_06_01, ETSI TC-LI Retained data requirements law enforcement V.0.21
This is an ETSI document and will not only apply to countries falling under the Directive (not only EU countries). Limitations in what data to be retained are a national issue. This document and the delivery document are not mandatory. Where necessary this document will clarify functionality of the Directive. The Directive text sometimes seems to combine issues from a telecom perspective. The Directive text might use ambiguous wording from a telecom perspective. Additional issues could be added to fulfil national requirements.
2007_06_01,ETSI TC-LI Retained data handover interface requests delivery V0.4
"The request structure defined in section 7.5.1 permits a broad range of requests. Some of the requests that are possible under this structure will not necessarily be legal in all jurisdictions or proportionate in all situations. The goal of the present document is to define a structure that (at a technical level) allows a wide range of requests to be transmitted. Just because a request can be constructed within the framework in 7.5.1, it does not mean it is automatically a legal request. It is a national issue to establish whether or not a request is legal and proportionate." [p.17]
Ericsson IMS R 6.6 PPT-presentation 3
Ericsson IMS R 6.6 PPT-presentation 2
Like the other two parts this Powerpoint presentation contains a large number of screenshots showing the surveillance process in every detail.
Ericsson IMS R 6.6 PPT-presentation 1
Like the other two parts this powerpoint presentation contains a large number of screenshots showing the surveillance process in every detail.
Ericsson Interception Management System, User Manual [2001]
This doqument marked "strictly confidental" describes the usage of Ericsson's Interception Management System, a voluminous hardware/software set-up. Ericsson IMS was abused by yet unkown secret service agents to spy on top Greek government officials including the Greek prime minister.
Verint - A Surveillance Company in Overview
Like all other historic documents onsite concerning Verint this company overview still shows the former company name "Comverse Infosys." Verint was rebranded earlier in 2002 after an ABC documentation was released accusing Verint employees of illegal obtaining of customer data for blackmailing purposes.


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