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2003_01_29,CALEA_Implementation_section,Electronic_surveillance carrier_grade_voice_over_packet_issue_1.pdf
"US Government restricted - for official use only - subject to special handling and control" e.g. by publication as accomplished herewith.
Verint - STAR-GATE IP Interception
"Criminals today are increasingly using Internet media to facilitate illegal business because of its instant availability, its simplicity, and the belief that most Internet transmissions are not being intercepted by law enforcement agencies. New laws are being implemented worldwide which will reverse this trend." Sales staff at Verint are sure to profit from this trend reversal.
Verint - Reliant Monitoring Center for Network Surveillance
Another best selling product of the successful spin off from mother company Comverse.
Verint - STAR-GATE, Interception of Packet Data
Annex to the STARE-GATE product description focusing on packet data
Verint - STAR-GATE interception system, product description
Experience the beauty and functionality of Verint's key product, a multi-switch surveillance system capable of intercepting circuit switched and packet data
Verint - A Surveillance Company in Overview
Like all other historic documents onsite concerning Verint this company overview still shows the former company name "Comverse Infosys." Verint was rebranded earlier in 2002 after an ABC documentation was released accusing Verint employees of illegal obtaining of customer data for blackmailing purposes.


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25. Oktober 2023
Big Brother Awards Austria
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