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"Patras ist eine durch die Bundespolizei entwickelte und gepflegte Software zur Verarbeitung, Aufbereitung und Visualisierung von Geo-Lokationsdaten." Die lustigsten Passagen aus diesem Bericht an den Innenausschuss des Deutschen Bundestags "zum Hackerangriff auf die PATRAS-Systeme von Zoll und Bundespolizei" finden sich auf Seite drei dieses Doquments, das uns zugeflattert ist.
2008_06_25 AG-LI Protokoll
"Ziel der Besprechung ist es, zwischen BMI und den betroffenen Unternehmen ein gemeinsames Verständnis über eine mögliche technische Umsetzung der Überwachung von IP-basierten Diensten bzw. IP-Verkehr zu finden." "Es folgt eine Erläuterung des BMI-Vorschlags zur Überwachung basierend auf fest zugewiesenen IP-Adressen mit Hilfe gesonderter Anlagen (Sniffer) inklusive Diskussion dieses Ansatzes"
"Autonomous facility for IP Monitoring: Traffic Analysis (Intranet) for Internet (Internet access point) among mail servers for dedicated line as "Internet Cafes" for Wireless connection / Interfaces: Ethernet 10/100/1G ADSL WIFI ATM [WiMax]" amongst the features: Optional IP TR@PPER Passive monitoring through capture / Tap equipment Real Time Filtering on port Front filter / Automatic detection and processing decoding : web, mail, VoIP, data Local or remote operation exploitation / Text mining / encryption detection & information
The surveillance Olympics, Beijing 2008, powered by European technology
Screenshow held on May 15 2008, European Parliament at the "Olympic rights for human games: A conference on Olympic Games in China".
2007 Siemens Intelligence Platform
From the list of databases that are to be merged and datamined: "Siemens Monitoring Center, Bank account transactions, Data Retention Systems, Insurance company data bases, Telephone book data bases, Border Control data base, Telephone billing records, Passport data base, Internet Protocol Address GIS, Finger print data base, Police and criminal records, DNA analysis data base, Driving Licence register, Registry office records, Traffic control points, Land registry data base, Vehicle registration data base, Car rental data base, Credit card transactions, Any other data base which contain relevant data"
1999 Siemens Monitor Center
"Active Monitoring refers to the fact that the target (phone) numbers to be monitored are marked from within the network. The Monitoring functionality is a built in function of the “Switch”. For monitoring purposes, only targeted phone calls are routed to the MC. This can be compared with a three party conference call, in which the MC is a silent member of the conference call. Active Monitoring plays an active role in the communication network, in the sense that the Monitor Center is viewed as a subscriber to the network with a certain service level. Lawful Interception is an example for Active Monitoring." [Page 6]
2000 Siemens Monitoring Center Version2
This is a pretty detailed list of "lawful interception" features, such as "dossier based archiving of intercepts", "fax demodulation", "hot monitoring with playback function" and the likes. The database was powered by a "High performance PC running Windows NT Server" featuring a MS SQL server and Windows workstations. The supervisor was was connected to the siemens EWSD via X.25 and a "dial back modem" whilst the pc machines and server stations already communicated via TCP/IP.
Siemens Monitor center, Late 90ies
In 1993/4 Siemens started the marketing of telecom monitoring center together with the digital switching system EWSD. This is the earliest version we could get hold of, dated 1999.
2006_03_15, EU data retention directive official EN/DE
DIRECTIVE 2006/24/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the retention of data generated or processed in connection with the prov ision of publicly available electronic communications services or of public communications networks and amending Directive 2002/58/EC
Force10 Networks 10 Gigabit Packet Filtering
"Introducing the P-Series High Performance Inspection and Prevention Appliances" for "highspeed government surveillance", presented at "NSA SIGINT Technology Exposition" on June 6 2006. To our knowledge this is the first time that a technical description of a 10 Gigabit/sec network monitoring appliance tuned to the needs of a secret service is presented to a wider public.
Ericsson IMS R 6.6 PPT-presentation 3
Ericsson IMS R 6.6 PPT-presentation 2
Like the other two parts this Powerpoint presentation contains a large number of screenshots showing the surveillance process in every detail.
Ericsson IMS R 6.6 PPT-presentation 1
Like the other two parts this powerpoint presentation contains a large number of screenshots showing the surveillance process in every detail.
Ericsson Interception Management System, User Manual [2001]
This doqument marked "strictly confidental" describes the usage of Ericsson's Interception Management System, a voluminous hardware/software set-up. Ericsson IMS was abused by yet unkown secret service agents to spy on top Greek government officials including the Greek prime minister.
Verint - STAR-GATE IP Interception
"Criminals today are increasingly using Internet media to facilitate illegal business because of its instant availability, its simplicity, and the belief that most Internet transmissions are not being intercepted by law enforcement agencies. New laws are being implemented worldwide which will reverse this trend." Sales staff at Verint are sure to profit from this trend reversal.
Verint - Reliant Monitoring Center for Network Surveillance
Another best selling product of the successful spin off from mother company Comverse.
Verint - STAR-GATE, Interception of Packet Data
Annex to the STARE-GATE product description focusing on packet data
Verint - STAR-GATE interception system, product description
Experience the beauty and functionality of Verint's key product, a multi-switch surveillance system capable of intercepting circuit switched and packet data
Verint - STAR-GATE, Interception of Cable Data
Annex to the STARE-GATE product description focusing on cable modems
Verint - A Surveillance Company in Overview
Like all other historic documents onsite concerning Verint this company overview still shows the former company name "Comverse Infosys." Verint was rebranded earlier in 2002 after an ABC documentation was released accusing Verint employees of illegal obtaining of customer data for blackmailing purposes.


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