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The EU police related part of the European Surveillance Union that is under construction. The publication of the infamous ENFOPOL 98 paper by quintessenz staff in Telepolis caused world wide repercussions. ENFOPOL is also known as the EU-FBI surveillance system" - see CALEA.
The European communications surveillance system under construction was branded pars pro toto ENFOPOL. This is the document acronym denoting used by the EU Council Police Cooperation Working Party. We just follow the usage of the US term CALEA that has acquired a broader meaning than that of a simple lawgiving effort [Communications Assistance Law Enforcement Act] More correct, however, is the wording "EU-FBI surveillance system" preferred by Statewatch, who broke the first story on that matter. The "international requirements" to direct line access to all [mobile] telecom network datacenters [and later internet providers] for "law enforcement" were developed in the US-led ILETs [International Law Enforcement Telecom Seminars]. The recent effort to enforce network operators and providers to retain customer traffic data is orchestrated by the USA. This section contains mostly doquments related to the Police Cooperation Working Party bearing the acronym ENFOPOL. The few, pretty rare ILETs [and related] papers are included as well as the masterplan was developed there. Please note that all ENFOPOL doquments are being counted anew annually starting with ENFOPOL 1.


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25. Oktober 2023
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