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Date: 2004-05-02

Privacy - Newsticker vom 2.5.2004

newsdigest: Stadt sucht nach Einbruchskriminalität mit Totalüberwachung die Lösung / Missbräuchliche Beauskunftung von Hypotheken - persönliche Daten an Dritte weiter gegeben / Süd-Kalifornien: Ein plädiert auf unschuldig - ein Internetstalker wider Willen / Was ist man heute, wenn man keine Pizzas mag? / Als Rentner unschuldig kreditunwürdig
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Town Seeks Surveillance for Security

After three robberies of residents of $ 400,000 in jewelry the Manalapan Florida's town council voted to spend $ 60,000 in security upgrades. As a result cameras and computers will soon be running background checks on every car and driver that passes through the small community.


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q/gate: Biometrischer Videokontrollpunkt im Museumsquartier

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Some Mortgage Lenders Abuse the Personal Information of Clients

Routinely those seeking financial services from mortgage lenders find that the information provided during the application process is used for other purposes. Online applications typically request social security number, date of birth, income, and personal worth. It is illegal to share the information with others, but lenders can make it available to affiliates.


The First Case of Internet Stalking Filed

A South Carolina man pleaded innocent to an Internet stalking charge made after he was arrested for e-mail sent to a Washington State women. The charge was for 26 counts of using a computer to send annoying, abusive, threatening, or harassing electronic communications. The anti-Internet Stalking law was enacted in 1997.


What’s for Dinner? You May Not Want Pizza

The Missouri Office of State Courts Administrator has a new ally-the local pizza delivery restaurant, which has proven itself to be very good at tracking down people who owe the state money. The state debt collection office found that the most accurate source of contact information for people they are seeking could be found in the databases of local pizza restaurants.


Renters Find Themselves Blacklisted

Some landlords deny housing to people based on private background checks that can rate renters as high-risk. Renters may not have anything wrong with thier credit scores or references, but derogatory information may be relayed to potential landlords by a for fee service used to screen housing applicants. Most renters do not know that these information services exist, nor what harmful information may be in the proprietary records of those companies.



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edited by Doser
published on: 2004-05-02
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