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Date: 2004-07-22

Star Wars in Osteuropa

War Echelon nur engsten Bündnispartnern zugedacht schließt das "National Missile Defense Program", auch als Star Wars bekannt, neue Alliierte ein. Polen hat damit die Chance auf die erste Base außerhalb der USA. Damit besteht Schutz vor einem Erstschlag mit Massenvernichtungswaffen - sofern diese auch mit einer Abfangrakete kollidieren.
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US in talks over biggest missile defence site in Europe

The US administration is negotiating with Poland and the Czech Republic over its controversial missile defence programme, with a view to positioning the biggest missile defence site outside the US in central Europe.

Polish government officials confirmed to the Guardian that talks have been going on with Washington for eight months and made clear that Poland was keen to take part in the project, which is supposed to shield the US and its allies from long-range ballistic missile attacks.

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"We're very interested in becoming a concrete part of the arrangement," said Boguslaw Majewski, the Polish foreign ministry spokesman. "We have been debating this with the Americans since the end of last year."

Other sources in Warsaw said Pentagon officers have been scouting the mountain territory of southern Poland, pinpointing suitable sites for two or three radar stations connected to the so-called Son of Star Wars programme.

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Under Bush administration plans, two missile interceptor sites are being built in the US - one in California, the other in Alaska. Such a site in Poland would be the first outside America and the only one in Europe.

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In the Czech Republic, too, the proposed radar site, extending to 100 sq km, could be declared extraterritorial and a sovereign US base.

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The two interceptor sites being built in Alaska and California are primarily to insure against a potential ballistic missile attack on the US by North Korea. The possible European site is being widely seen as a shield against missiles from the Middle East, notably Syria or Iran.

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edited by Chris
published on: 2004-07-22
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