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Date: 2006-01-31

US: 'Wire'tapping in a 'wireless' world

Das Problem mit dem Anzapfen von Leitungen ist nicht etwa ein Rechtliches oder eines der Privatsphäre. Überwachung - auch die illegale - ist nichts, womit einsichtige Medien und freundlich gesinnte Congresse nicht umgehen könnten. Das wahre Problem ist ein Semantisches: Längst gibt es keine Leitungen mehr, die man anzapfen könnte. Und da im Englischen auch eine Bezeichnung für das überwachte Subjekt fehlt, fällt jede Diskussion über dessen Grundrechte doppelt schwer.
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Thus was born snoopspeak, the language of the intercepted communication of personal intimacies and national secrets. When a word is born in snoopspeak, it never dies; no advance in technology can render it obsolete. Take wiretap, noun and verb, now the subject of congressional hearings.

It predates the telephone and recalls the Civil War. "In that band of wire-tappers," wrote Jesse Bunnell in 1893, "I had the honor to serve for four years." The meaning was apparently "one who tapped out the code on the telegraph key," but at the turn of the century a new sense emerged: As the wired telephone became ubiquitous, the potential of more effective spying was noted. U.S. Reports, a publication of the U.S. Supreme Court, predicted with extraordinary prescience in 1929: "The progress of science in furnishing the Government with means of espionage is not likely to stop with wire-tapping."
Why, in this wireless, Bluetoothy world, do we continue to use the term wiretap?
"surveil" is "to observe closely and continually, usually with suspicion." Remember to double the l when you are the surveillant who is surveilling the suspect. Unfortunately, there seems to be no word yet for the subject, object or target of the surveillance. Nobody wants to be the surveillee.

Wie wahr...

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edited by Mac Gyver
published on: 2006-01-31
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