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Date: 2006-10-09

SWIFT: Der Fragenkatalog

Die wohl putzigste unter den [Nicht]-Antworten von SWIFT ist jene, in der auf eine "unabhängige Audit Firma" verwiesen wird, die aufpasst, dass mit Europas Finanzdaten kein Missbrauch wie etwa Datamining betrieben wird. Die Firma heisst "Booz Allen Hamilton", in deren Board sitzen unter anderem ein EX-NSA-Chef und Ex-CIA-Direktor James Woolsey.
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Woolsey hatte den Europäern rund um den ECHELON-Untersuchungsausschuss des EU-Parlaments über das Wall Street Journal im Jahr 2000 ausgerichtet, dass US-Spionage in Europas Daten schon deshalb sein müsse, um Bestechungsversuche europäischer Firmen aufzudecken.

James Woolsey - Why We Spy on Our Allies The Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2000

"What is the recent flap regarding Echelon and U.S. spying on European industries all about? We'll begin with some candor from the American side. Yes, my continental European friends, we have spied on you. And it's true that we use computers to sort through data by using keywords. Have you stopped to ask yourselves what we're looking for? [...]
Why, then, have we spied on you? The answer is quite apparent from the Campbell report -- in the discussion of the only two cases in which European companies have allegedly been targets of American secret intelligence collection. Of Thomson-CSF, the report says: "The company was alleged to have bribed members of the Brazilian government selection panel." Of Airbus, it says that we found that "Airbus agents were offering bribes to a Saudi official." These facts are inevitably left out of European press reports.

That's right, my continental friends, we have spied on you because you bribe. Your companies' products are often more costly, less technically advanced or both, than your American competitors'. As a result you bribe a lot. So complicit are your governments that in several European countries bribes still are tax-deductible. [...]

James Woolsey - Why We Spy on Our Allies

Woolseys Rolle bei Booz Allen Hamilton
Die übrigen Ex-Spooks bei Booz Allen[347]=x-347-543749
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Secondly, SWIFT has commissioned an external independent audit firm to provide assurance that the protections and conditions are fully adhered to. The auditors review the search records and give SWIFT the assurance that the data has only been viewed and used for terrorism investigations.

Der komplette Fragenkatalog

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2006-10-09
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