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Date: 2007-01-12

Zimbabwe: "Raubkopierer sind Viehdiebe"

So ganz kann sich der Zimbabwe Herald nicht entscheiden, ob Musikpiraten wie Viehdiebe behandelt werden sollen [neun Jahre Häfen] oder ob es Räuber sind. Man kommt zum Schluß, dass es sich dabei um Personen handelt, die wie ein "Krebsgeschwür vertilgt", "ausgeräuchert" und einer Lynchjustiz zugeführt werden müssen.
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FIGHTING music piracy in Zimbabwe will be a futile exercise in the absence of tough laws specifically designed to weed out this cancer once and for all.


A man who uses for his gain another man's intellectual property is as guilty as the one who rustles cattle.

Stock thieves expect a minimum of nine years in jail for stealing another person's source of livelihood. Music pirates deserve no less.


In other words, our lawmakers do not realise that when a song is pirated, the State not only loses income but jobs are threatened.

Piracy affects not only the musician and the record company but the whole chain. Music pirates are robbers and they must be treated likewise.


Leaving them with their computers and other accessories is like fining an armed robber and allowing him to keep his gun.

In South Africa, for example, artistes have in the past carried out raids on suspected pirates, recovered pirated copies and effected citizen's arrests.

Why can't we do the same here? Why wait and give pirates time to relocate or take their business underground?

This is exactly what is happening in our case. A sizeable number have taken their shadowy business to the high-density suburbs where they are difficult to smoke out.

Those who have no hearts for others do not deserve to be protected by the law.

Mehr davon

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edited by Harkank
published on: 2007-01-12
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